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Transatlantic Passage University (TPU) a d/b/a of The Oshodi Foundation, P. A, is fundamentally an online Self-Learning, Self-Taught, Self-Directed, and Do-it-Your Self University. TPU is not a degree and credits granting educational platform and it goes beyond traditional education to transform learning through its lifelong learning courses, projects, digital interaction and expeditions. Learning at TPU is a lifelong process and we invite all learners to come learn and journey with us! TPU in its simplicity believes we are now in a world where nearly all the world’s information is at our fingertips, and the blockades to learning are almost gone. The world now is at the tip of a digital education revolution where traditional schools are being disrupted and one’s options for lifelong learning are endless. At TPU you can master new skills, engage in rewarding courses, build your own lifespan education, explore the world with your smartphone, and join forces with other lifelong learners from all over the African world especially. Since TPU is all about reinventing education which inevitably leads to reinventing society, especially when many students across Africa’s higher institutions are being left behind by an educational system that is believed to be in crisis due to congestion in the classrooms, inadequate staff, poor funding, cash-strapped environments, lack of laboratory equipment, outdated books, complicated by irregular electricity. TPU’s fundamental and primary objectives is to fill the gap that exists between gaining new knowledge through timely lifelong education and applying that knowledge in a way that results in increased real value and productivity. In life learning facts, skills, and ways to apply capabilities seems to be the end game of formal education, but it is almost a far cry in Africa where education within the walls of higher institutions are punctuated with real infrastructural challenges. TPU seeks to change all that for once! As it stands out as a technology-based learning platform that can respond quickly to instructors and students’ shortcomings, by supplying current knowledge, and offering individualized tutoring in countless subjects. While TPU does not have the magic to fill up all the educational gaps its digital tools add the complementary knowledge needed to solve real world problems. At TPU, modern e-learning self-guided, self-directed, and continued education, hosted on engaging and flexible Learning Management System (LMS) provides learners with impactful knowledge and well-rounded learning experience.

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