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John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation (JEOF) is an Ethics-Centric online and remote based Corporation on mental/behavioral health education, policy education, clinical and customized related area for Africa in particular. JEOF, a Nigeria based NGO plans to use best practices for electronically certificate programs and long distance and correspondence education.

The Open Online Psychology Academy (OOPA) is a digital educational platform which is a division of the John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation ( JEOF), a nonprofit Psychology based education, criminal Justice, therapeutic, Rights/justice, technology, leadership, management, entrepreneurial and behavioral learning corporation. JEOF is in marriage with the Transatlantic Enrichment and Refresher Institute (TERI), Miami, Florida. OOPA as a digital psychology based platform  is anchored on a real life and result driven  orientation in its mission to honor progress, advancement and a better future world, Africa especially.

JEOF/TERI  in its philosophy draws from the foundations of Psychoafricalysis or Psychology anchored on the global African Experience which  constantly brings to participants first-hand experience/knowledge/account/ information on scientifically tested psychology practices and applications to public policy, social issues and the society.

JEOF/TERI will develop unique online high-impact educational and clinical based programs to serve trainees/students, organizations, and institutions in Nigeria and beyond. The plateform will advance healthy psychology based models, policies and procedures for Higher Education and University Systems with a focus on Student Affairs/Services Departments.

JEOF/TERI is not a degree offering entity currently but a Psychology, Education, Technology, Behavioral Learning Network that solely acts as a journey of knowledge for moving towards long-life behavioral and ethical conditioning for individuals, organizations, and institutions.

JEOF/TERI stands out as an online platform offering affordable, quality professional and progressive education to developing markets, in  Africa especially.

The platform is a  psychology/ethics-based ground  that offers Tools and Tips on the right and effective knowledge for a wide range of mental health, educational, management, leadership, law enforcement and technological challenges. Stay with  !!!