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The Dr John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation (JEOF) is an Ethics-Centric online and remote based Corporation on mental/behavioral health services, education, policy education, clinical and customized related area for Africa in particular. JEOF, a Nigeria based NGO plans to use best practices for electronically therapeutic programs and long distance and correspondence education.

JEOF’s Open Online Psychology Academy (OOPA) is a digital educational platform with a focus on education, criminal Justice, therapeutic, Rights/justice, technology, leadership, management, entrepreneurial and behavioral learning corporation.

The John Egbeazien Oshodi Foundation, as part of its assessment and therapy work has developed the Psychological Forensic Behavioral Center : the STOP IT RIGHT NOW, an Online Sex Offending At-Risk Assessment, Management and Therapy Service.

At STOP IT RIGHT NOW you get assessment and counseling via formalized Online Chat, Video or Phone. Available Anytime, Anywhere. Get Started Today! Private & Very Very Affordable. Therapy On Your Schedule. When needed we offer interpreter service at therapy sessions. Make a Positive Change in your life Prison is no place to be!!!

The Education and Prevention Program (EPP) of JEOF will help in promoting healthy, non-violent social norms, attitudes, beliefs, policies, and practices  in schools, workplaces and in the communities.

Prof  John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D. is a Florida-based Licensed Forensic/Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of psychological practice. His services involve sex offender evaluation for the Sexually Violent Person, Sexually Violent Predator, or Sexually Dangerous Person.

Prof Oshodi can provide an array of psychological forensic services including expert witness, program setup, and consultation, evaluations, assessments, and treatment.

JEOF is an extension of his work in Africa in collaboration with educational and clinical type programs, especially in Nigeria. For highly and very affordable therapy appointments, contact any of the JEOF Volunteer Service Advocates (VSA): Munir (706 878 0090), Henry ( 813 606 0444), Uzoh (703 322 6577) , Nse ( 806 250 2682), Kingsley (708 407 9097).  Visit: For more information, click “Online Therapy and Academy” under Quick links, on the menu page of the website. Send us a secured email message through “Contact Us”

Again, the platform is a  psychology/ethics-based ground  that offers Tools and Tips on the right and effective knowledge for a wide range of mental health, educational, management, leadership, law enforcement and technological challenges. Stay with  !!! (main email address)