Do “workplace wellness” programs work?

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Do “workplace wellness” programs work?

It depends on what you mean by a wellness program. Offerings by companies are all over the map, but most are skimpy and scattershot. It takes more than that to boost employees’ health or a company’s bottom line.
when Dave Lagerstrom became president and CEO of a manufacturing company over a decade ago, he set out to make his employees healthier — in body, mind and soul. Turck Inc., near Minneapolis, already offered classes on lifestyle and nutrition, Weight Watchers memberships, and screenings for metrics like blood pressure at an annual health fair. It had also just established an in-house clinic.
But like many companies, Turck’s main “wellness” prong was to offer employees a discount on their health insurance if they completed a health questionnaire and got a risk assessment in return. Lagerstrom knew from his own experience that it was only too easy to bend the truth about diet and exercise habits and to ignore advice offered back. He wanted the company to do better.
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