A Definition: Is there a Pattern and Practice of Diabolical Democracy in African settings like Nigeria?

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Diabolical Democracy is what I term as representing a society where the citizenry is not shocked to its conscience about the nation’s lifetime and inherent social, economic, and political disorders.

These disorders are continuously sustained by inconsistent, inadequate, horrible, narrow minded, self-centered, devious, deceptive, over emotional, and secretive and dark leadership.

A leadership approach which is defensively sensitive, religiously unhealthy, and systemically corrupt then plays out in forms of unhealth policies, institutional malpractices, essential tribalism, exhaustive competition, continuing unrest, economic uncertainties, legal inequity, moral deflation, and hardened society.

In a Diabolical democratic environment, the people and their rights are undermined, they experience polluted environment, poor national integration, severe ineffective institutions, precarious livelihood, poor working conditions, severe economic mismanagement, insecurity, instability, and inequality, and poor governance triumphs.

Within the theory of Diabolical democracy, the logical, coherent, and persistent cultivation and practice of the rule of law, accountability, responsiveness, freedom, and equality, ultimately allows a diabolical institutional environment or weak and sick institutions, to translate and end into a tangible and positive state of democracy. The development of Democratic thoughts and emotions on the part of the citizens beginning in childhood, can shape the fate of traditions and institutions towards those values and ends that form a common framework or system of a progressive democracy.

Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D. is a Forensic/Legal/Clinical Psychologist with interest in emerging democracies. He is Founder of the theory of Psychoafricalysis and Psychoafricalytic Psychology.  Jos5930458@aol.com

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